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Djs & Live Entertainment

Australia's best DJs and artists. Suitable for any event or function.

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AV Hire & Production

Everything from lighting and staging, to smoke machines, plasma screens, Karaoke and more - we supply it all.

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Design & Marketing

Showtek Entertainment provides the complete entertainment service - from event production and organisation, to brochure design and marketing.

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At Showtek Entertainment, we know that creating a diverse and engaging entertainment schedule is key in establishing your brand's identity and delivering an appropriate ambience that resonates with your audience.

As an end-to-end entertainment solution with 17 years of industry experience, we provide the total entertainment experience. From performers and artists, to production, management and promotional needs, we will exceed your entertainment and marketing dreams at the most competitive rate.

Showtek Entertainment represents a unique accumulation of successful & innovative Entertainment & Marketing talent, making Showtek one of Sydney’s most prominent nightclub, special event and venue coordination Solutions Company. Our senior consultants have over 30 years of nightclub, venue marketing & programming experience.

Showtek Entertainment provides in house media, marketing, promotions, design, staging, production, audio visual and hospitality specialists. Having involvement with a wide range of events, festivals, club nights, concerts and general week to week events, it has given the team at Showtek a firm grip as
Sydney’s leading entertainment solution group.

Our clientele base currently stems across a wide market of music style such as: Commercial Top 40, House, RnB, Funk, Hip Hop as well as your general Disco 80’s Funk & Retro. Showtek Entertainment is a professional Agency providing expertise for any event where music or any Audio Visual is required.

Showtek Entertainment can cater for all your event needs. From organising and scheduling Live Entertainment and Dj’s, to Audio Visual set up and production, Marketing and Promotions, we pride ourselves on providing an end-to-end entertainment solution at the most competitive prices.

What our Clients say!

Paul Saverino Manly Pavilion

I consider Showtek Entertainment to be one of the most professional and responsive companies we work with and have no hesitation in recommending
their services.

Natalie Delisssen Calligeros Hotel Group

Showtek make organising our annual themed events a breeze, by taking care of ticket purchases, poster designs, marketing and they assist with running the event on the day. I use them every time!

Rod Lawson Oscars Hotel Group

Music is a huge part of a hotel’s atmosphere. With the support of Showtek we are able to provide our clients with a great overall experience, by having music to suit each venue and their individual clientele. Showtek provide a professional and polished service, with a wide range of entertainers at their finger tips .

Dean Cunningham Florida Beach Bar

Showtek Entertainment is a Professional Agency providing expertise for any event where music or audio visual is required – Showtek Entertainment never compromise on Quality.

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service.

Check out our options and features for all your entertainment needs.

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